By far, the most profitable investment strategy in cryptocurrency is to buy and hold, or as crypto investors like to say, HODL. HODLing is both a strategy and a philosophy. Since its first use in 2013, HODL has become a byword for an approach to crypto investing that shuns trading based on shortterm price moves.

Shortterm swings aside, the longterm volatility of most cryptocurrencies defy familiar logic. HODLing has time and again proven to be the best strategy against volatility and prognostication in cryptocurrency investment. By simply HODLing, two common destructive tendencies in investment are counteracted: FOMO (fear of missing out), which can lead to buying high, and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), which can lead to selling low.

Milliard Capital is a hardcore believer in HODLing, especially with cryptocurrencies with proven history and track record of profitability such as BTC, ETH, ADA and SOL. This is why about 70% of our portfolio is held in seven of the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap.

In this strategy, we employ three main method to ensure profitability and security of our assets:
Interestearning cryptocurrency savings accounts;
Investment in highperforming altcoins such as ETH, DOT, SOL and ADA;
Earlyadoption and investment in blockchain technologies with realworld use cases.

A large percentage of our assets are kept in cold storage, safe from nefarious and malicious agencies.