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The Gift Club offers a risk-free way to introduce our members to the crypto space. With investors optimistic about an upcoming bullish run of BTC and altcoins, this is the best time to enter the industry.

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Consulting and Advisory Services
Milliard Capital also provides consulting and advisory services on the adoption and application of blockchain technology to corporate and governmental organisations. We advise startups and existing businesses to develop enterprise-grade and customised applications of blockchain in digital securities, tailored financial instruments for their investors and to gain access to tokenized fiat, stablecoins and cryptocurrency for the purpose of international trade and payments.
Cryptocurrency Trading and Investment Training
Through our parent company, Milliard Capital, we provide private and customized training courses in cryptocurrency and digital assets investment and trading for both corporate and individual clients. Our training sessions cover fundamentals of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, applications in P2P markets and other financial opportunities of blockchain technology, crypto trading strategies for predicting market moves with high accuracy and an introduction to algorithmic cryptocurrency trading.
Cryptocurrency Exchange
We provide a safe, secure and seamless cryptocurrency exchange service for our members to purchase cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and other altcoins. Our partners and gateway providers are CCSS Level 3 certified, SOC2 Type I and Type II compliant as well as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. What this means is that our clients can rest assured that their digital information and assets are safe while using our services. Our clients can purchase cryptocurrencies with their debit or credit cards on our website while also taking advantage of our services to exchange cryptocurrencies to fiat at superlative rates
Cryptocurrency Investment Programme
The Gift Club provides a means for our member to indirectly invest in BTC and other cryptocurrencies to earn great interests in our membership packages, while limiting direct exposure to the cryptocurrency trading and investment sector, which may be a little daunting to the uninitiated. Our investment packages allow our members to earn a fixed APY at the end of the investment period no matter how the cryptocurrency market performs. Again, our members are given the opportunity to earn rewards that are paid out immediately when they introduce new members to join our various investment packages. Rewards can be withdrawn to members’ wallets when they have amassed a total of $50 or more.

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The founders of Milliard Capital and The Gift Club are long-time believers and early adopters of cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry and have, over the years, come up with a carefully researched, tried and tested strategy for investing in this financial sector.

Earn More with Referrals

The referral bonus is a means for our members to continuously earn on the Gift Club while they wait for their investment packages to mature. Members have the opportunity to generate a steady source of income from referral bonuses by telling friends and family about the Gift Club. It is a way for the Gift Club to reward our members as our network grows.

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